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Alison David -Believe ORDER HERE

This is the best of my recorded songs to date, it sums up an era of songwriting and expession.

Put into production by some teenage entrepeneurs called NO LIMIT and sold through their online distribution mail order service, this 11 track album features more uptempo songs like 'Respect To Hold On' with the Bugz in the Attic as well as hauntingly bare and soulful 'All We Really Want' with Jean Pierre Mas also featuring songs I've written with the Boilerhouse Boys



Alison David - naked 1 -live in the studio order here

this recording features dan clark from "the hat", oddur mar runarrson from "lucky 4" and "lamb", ned scott from "the egg" and various other bands. check the cd 2 see who else featured on the vocals. this is the first of many one-off recordings.



Alison David - 4 Track C.D.

featuring acoustic versions of All We Really Want & Stormy Weather recorded in Paris with Jean-Pierre Mas; On The Way with Femi Tomowo and her latest version of Dreams Come True recorded courtesy of The Arts Council, England



Alison David - Dreams come True (Afronaught Mix)

White label vinyl available in selected dance music shops

distributed by goya music

2003 Sept

Freeland - Supernatural Thing
Adam Freeland featured Alison on this Ben E. King cover. From the album "Now and Them'

Marine Parade

2003 Feb

Ikon - Last Night
Another collaboration, Alison sings on the first track from the album Ikon.

Jalapeno Records

2002 Nov

Mellow - Take Me Higher
From the album 'Dragonfly', Alison wrote and performed this track for her first movie soundtrack. She teamed up with French band Mellow to write for the film 'CQ'.



The Artist Shall Remain Nameless - 'I Can't Wait Another Minute'
Alison wrote this track with Cut le Roc for this enjoyable Brighton based E.P.

Pandemic Records


Alison David - The Last Look E.P.
FInally Alison's first solo attempt. An EP of her own songs, with two productions by 'Bugz in the Attic'

BitaSweet Records


Speeka - London Calling

Ultimate Dilemma


Speeka - Dont go Messin'
Alison teamed up with Rob Mac and Matt Smooth from 'Scratch' to produce two singles on their debut album.

Ultimate Dilemma


Reset featuring Alison David
Elliot Eastwick & Miles Holloway teamed up with Ali on this classic
Linda Clifford cover

Paper Recordings


Problem Kids - Feel Alright
Rocky and Diesel in partnership with the Black Science Orchestra.
From the albumn 'Pump the Dirty Groove'

Paper Recordings


Alison David and the Black Science Orchestra - Sunshine
Working with Ashley Beadle and Marc Woolford.
A summer feelgood classic.

AfroArt Records


Billy the Kid - Freak the Music


1998 Sept

Red Snapper- Images of You
From The Album Making Bones, Alison featuring on two tracks.

Warp Records

1997 Aug

Life's Addiction - Innershade
'Trip Hop esque' Duo with Alison singing on all tracks and writing some. The duo splits when album is released

London Records

1997 July

Life's Addiction - Innershade

London Records

1997 Feb

Life's Addiction - Jesus Coming in for the Kill

London Records