I started singing from an early age, we were a church going family. With my parents, performing their music regularly in church, it wasn't long before I, too could be found, standing on the table singing Jesus songs.

My next stage of musical development was writing "I Picka My Nose" with the church rebel children which I performed regularly at school when the teacher was out of the classroom along with the class chorus.

The teenage years saw me very quiet until at university in Manchester, studying mathematics, I built up my confidence singing in public as I passed people on my bicycle. Those years, spent more often than not on the nightclub scene I discovered a very strong interest in the entertainment industry. I thank my friend Barney for the consistant funky music influence and education which he still provides to Mancunians and others around the world.

Realising mathematics was not for me, I decided to travel around the world using busking and hitchhiking to get me around. The moment when I realised that I could sing for a living was in Barcelona. Having arrived there hungry and skint, my singing attracted my first audience from which came appreciation, money, food and a place to stay.

Singing in London one day, on a mission to pay off my student debts, I was approached by someone from the Hippodrome in Leicester Square, who gave me a regular spot on a Saturday night hosting the large chill out room, singing acapella jazz and soul with a long mic cable and songlist for the punters to choose from.

Through my friend, Barney I met a manager in London of a band called Life's Addiction, we went on to make an album with London Records. Check my discography for more information about the other record releases I've had. I've worked with Red Snapper, Ashley Beedle, Speeka, Mellow, Adam Freeland. These bands have taken me all over the world.

Over the years I have written and recorded some my personal songs, working towards creating the sound of my dreams. Along the way I have made cds or vinyls that are still selling, some on the internet and some in the shops and at my gigs. My latest cd, "Believe", is a collection of my favourite recorded songs over the years up to this one. Ironically, it was a bunch of teenage entrepeneurs, rather than the music industry that helped me realise what is my first manufactured album.

I have performed my solo stuff with various incarnations of groups, it started with a jazz feel, mixed in a bit of technology, breaks and loops then I opted for vinyl instrumentals to gatecrash party and festival sound systems. After that I went quieter and worked with acoustic music which brings me to now. Next I had the pleasure of working with a band, having teamed up with Max Jasper Mezzowave who decided that a soul band would sound lovely with me and was up for getting one together.This band, featuring Toby Barelli on guitar, Max on keys, Carlos Fortin on bass and Thesius Gerard created the most exciting sound I had ever made, funky and soulful with a hard edge and people started giving me comments like "you rocked!". All the musicians I were playing with then are writers in their own right and as they started to busy with their own projects I took to practising the guitar and accompanying myself from time to time, as well as doing live p.a.s throughout in dance clubs. Then, one night at a solo gig I met a man called Mark Ede, he decided I needed a band of top session musicians, formed a collective called Soul Reality which he used as a vehicle to help me find them. I have since worked with many great musicians and found a group of long haired men who can transport me to musical ecstasy which we've called the Random Note Generation. See my news page for details

The other fun thing I've done is working on music for the films CQ and Trauma - in which I had my first acting role alongside Colin Firth and Mena Suvari. The latest film for which I have composed and sung is The Other Half, coming to cinemas soon...



Alison David

photo by Philippe Létang